Tree with Swing Quadtych

I've taken photos of a tree in a farmyard near my office several times, during different seasons. I've recently completed the full four seasons set, and I'm very happy with the result. Printed as a four-photo set and framed it is stunning. To pay for my camera equipment, I'm selling prints of the full set to anyone interested, an 11"x14" set runs about $100 unframed. The full-size digital images are also available for licensing -- contact me if you need them. You can check out the medium-res versions on my Flickr page.

It looks lovely framed and hung:

I've now created a super-sized desktop wallpaper for people with dual widescreen displays. It's 3840x1200 (double 1920x1200 WUXGA displays):

I've also created a dissolve slideshow of the four images in sequence so you can better see the cycle of change. It is available on Google Video and YouTube.

Quadtych-Framed-DK.JPG1.17 MB
IdyllicQuadyptychSuperWallpaper.jpg1.76 MB