285 Semi Accident at Parmalee Gulch


Just uphill from the Parmalee Gulch/Indian Hills exit on Highway 285 southwest of Denver is a steep hill, at the base of which is a sharp corner. It's the site of many accidents, including the ones I covered last fall. This one was a night incident (Aug 10th, 2008) that I arrived at after being at work late one night. A tractor-trailer, traveling northbound (downhill) went straight where the road curved to the right, and crossed the median.

Recent Photos: Fire Engine Red, Fenced, Chapel of Shadow and Snow

I haven't posted photo selections in a while, so here are a few. First is a set of classic Seagrave Fire Engine photos from Elk Creek.

Two 285 @ Parmalee Gulch Crash Incidents in One Week

This past week has seen two very serious accidents on Highway 285 by the Parmalee Gulch exit.

Recent Photos

I've been working on improving my technique and form recently, shooting on the 20D.

Hawk Luncheon

When we went to get lunch today, this hawk was on the lawn of the house next door, having his own lunch.

Red Rocks Data Center (.com) Solar Powered Webcam

The day before Labor Day Weekend 2007 began, I was on top of a microwave communications tower at the Red Rocks Data Center ( facility here, mounting a solar panel and webcam on the tower.

Elk Creek Fire, Rainbow

Elk Creek Fire responders examine a just-extinguished Toyota SUV in the parking lot of Aspen Park King Soopers, Friday evening, under a spectacular rainbow. No one was injured in the incident.



I shot this on our Taylor Park camping trip using Bob's Digital Rebel.

Iron Workhorse

Bucyrus 50-B

Dan Martin demonstrates the Bucyrus 50-B steam shovel Sunday afternoon at Nederland’s Mining Museum.

Beach Wedding, Akumal Mexico


I came upon this wedding setup while walking on the beach in Akumal, Mexico. The composition, the blue sky and the sand and surf were just perfect.

Tree with Swing Quadtych

I've taken photos of a tree in a farmyard near my office several times, during different seasons.

Winter Storm 2006, Evergreen, Colorado Mountains

We've had several decent snowstorms around here this winter, leading to some spectacular scenes in our rural mountain landscapes. Here are a few choice images.

Winter Aspen

Winter Aspen

While hiking in Vail in December, I was taken aback by the nonchalant yet amazing composition of the vertical aspen trunks in the white, interspersed with snowy evergreen boughs and a few stalks of grass peeking out.

Luminous Dream


One of my 2004 Christmas card images

Autumn Sunset

Taken as the sun fell in the western sky, after a day-long tree climbing photo shoot for Jeep magazine at the site of "Nameless", a 500-year old Ponderosa Pine in Douglas County. The natural warm sidelight was just remarkable.

Flowers of Keukenhof

The Keukenhof Gardens are some of the most spectacular flowers I have ever seen.

Steeple Lithograph


I took this photo from the train while traveling from Amsterdam to meet with our Dutch associate Hans van der Maarel. While on the train, I downloaded the image to my laptop and experimented with some effects work to make the sort of old-world lithograph look I felt the image called for. I'm very happy with the result. I didn't write down how exactly I did it, but I have a pretty good idea. The original is pretty drab and uninspiring, really.

Verdant and Cerulean

Verdant and Cerulean

I have no idea what this flower is, but the color and texture just blew me away. Taken on my trip to Norwich, England in 2004.


Great Sand Dunes, Colorado.

Alien Tie-Dye

I happened to be at an AMD party at SIGGraph 2002 (San Antonio) at a bar several stories above the riverwalk. Out on the patio I was chatting with an engineer when I noticed this stunning flower behind him and had to stop to shoot it.

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