Sarah Palin Image Tampering

The admittedly good-looking Sarah Palin has been featured in some interesting photos.

Beijing Olympic Footprint "Fakes"

The Intarwebz are abuzz with the shocking revelation that China "faked" the stunning "walking footprints" fireworks sequence of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Iran Missiles, Redux

From the "haven't we passed this intersection twice already" department, let's take another look at the chicanery involving the photos of Iran's missile launch. Is there more here than a bad Photoshop job?

Iran has Missile Envy

Iran must be jealous of Fox News' 733t Photoshop sk1llz because they've gotten into the game too.

When Fox Attacks: Steinberg and Reddicliffe

Silicon Alley Insider and MediaMatters report that Fox News is up to some pretty juvenile tricks, retouching photos of people it doesn't like. What was done to the photos, and was it an accident? The answer may disgust you.

Barack Obama Birth Certificate Image Tampering Analysis, Redux

The thread that would not die. Apparently "OpenDNA" has now made a template birth certificate you can download and make your own Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth for fun and profit. It's somewhat fashionable now to question the ancestry of all of the images -- is the Obama certificate a fake made from the OpenDNA one?

Barack Obama Birth Certificate Image Tampering Analysis

So, apparently Barack Obama's birth certificate is a big controversial deal. In an effort to appease conspiracy theorists, his web site now contains a copy of his birth certificate. As soon as it appeared, people began to wonder if the image had been tampered with. Well, it has...

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