Sarah Palin Image Tampering

The admittedly good-looking Sarah Palin has been featured in some interesting photos. Some are already clearly outed as fakes. The two most sensational (Blue Blouse and Painted Bikini) are strongly suspected of being fakes. Let's take them apart. Here's Blue Blouse in the original form:

To the eye, it looks like the right side of her hair (her left) is a little too sharp compared to the rest of the image. A quick test that might reveal the smoking gun would be Krawetz's Error Level Analysis as I used in the Obama Birth Certificate Tampering article. Here's the error dump:

See anything unusual? Some part of the image that looks different from the rest? Yeah, the head. The rest of the image is stock, and somebody stuck Palin's head on. Nothing to see here. Heck, if this were Hillary Clinton, Bill would probably order Christmas cards of it.

Checking the other (Painted Bikini) doesn't really show much in error level analysis. Low order bits don't show anything significant either. Image bandwidth and luminance gradient tests hint that there might be a bit more detail and noise in the head area than the rest, but nothing concrete. I come down to two pieces of evidence. Here's a chroma maximization:

I notice that the skin tone in the face is lit a tiny bit more reddish than elsewhere.

For the second piece of evidence, we need only look at the original image with the (naked) eye -- there are several clues. The specular glint of her facial skin is too shiny for the rest of the body. If this were a real photo shoot, makeup would have been done uniformly to all skin. Further, the shadow density on the lower-right side of her face is heavier than on the body. It's actually a very good job though.

So, where did they come from?

I found the original of Bikini was here:
linked from:
It's gone now, but I got a cached copy (blurred for, uh, modesty).

I wasn't able to locate the original for Blue Blouse yet.
Edit 101308: I did find the original of Blue Blouse. It's not online anymore, but it was at:

Here's a cached copy of it. You can tell it's the ancestor (and not a derivative) because it has _more_ photo to it -- the Palin version has been cropped out of this one.

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