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NASA Mike's Adventures in McMurdo, Antarctica, Summer 1995-1996

While working as a PC-Tech[nician] (and all-around technical fix-it-monkey) for Antarctic Support Associates at McMurdo Station Antarctica, I worked with a guy from NASA known to everyone as NASA Mike (Comberiate). This video is a rough-cut compilation of NASA and space-related activities happening at McMurdo Station Antarctica around December of 1994. It includes the assembly, successful testing and later wind-failure of a high-power VHF communications antenna, preparations for a long-duration high-altitude balloon launch, and the tracking of the launch of the NOAA-J satellite.

Delta Clipper DC-X Test Launch, White Sands Missile Range, September 1993

Delta Clipper DC-X

The DC-X (Delta Clipper, Experimental) was the first prototype vehicle developed by the BMDO’s (Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, now known as the MDA, Missile Defense Agency) SSRT (Single Stage Rocket Technology) reusable launch vehicle program. The first public viewing of the DC-X test launch was held in September of 1993 at the Space Harbor site of the White Sands Missile Range, in south-central New Mexico.

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