Barack Obama Birth Certificate Image Tampering Analysis, Redux

The thread that would not die. Apparently "OpenDNA" has now made a template birth certificate you can download and make your own Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth for fun and profit. It's somewhat fashionable now to question the ancestry of all of the images -- is the Obama certificate a fake made from the OpenDNA one?

Barack Obama Birth Certificate Image Tampering Analysis

So, apparently Barack Obama's birth certificate is a big controversial deal. In an effort to appease conspiracy theorists, his web site now contains a copy of his birth certificate. As soon as it appeared, people began to wonder if the image had been tampered with. Well, it has...

GIS and Flagpole Annexation Gerrymandering


I drive Highway 285 to and from work every day in Morrison, so I'm pretty familiar with the corridor. After a while you start to notice the subtle elements -- old lost roads, cool rock formations and vegetation and the like. And the favorite speed traps.

Eifelheim by Michael Flynn

Eifelheim by Michael Flynn

Eifelheim is one of the best books I've read this year.

Pages: 320 (Paperback)
Publisher: Tor
ISBN: 0-7653-1910-1 / 978-0-7653-1910-4

Xenon's MSDN Errata

I've noticed recently that I'm making a lot of annotations and corrections to Microsoft's online Win32 API documentation, and while re-reading one the other day I discovered I can view a list of all the annotations I've made.

In fact, it can be viewed publicly:

Make your cheap Apache server Un-Slashdottable, Un-Digg-Effect-able

Cheap hosting plans or low-power servers, especially those running media-rich sites or slow, heavy code (like CMSes such as Drupal or Wordpress) can fall victim to sudden bursts of heavy traffic from popular social media sites such as Digg or Slashdot.

Why is CS_DROPSHADOW a class style and how do you use it with a Dialog/DlgProc?

Recently, I've been doing some UI work. I program for Windows in C++ on bare-metal Win32 API. No MFC, no WTL, for WPF, no .NET, nothing. I frequently end up having to write my own UI widgets ("Windows Custom Controls" in Microspeak) because most control libraries assume you're using one of the above technologies. That, and most custom controls have annoying feature or performance deficiencies. So, I'm pretty good at hacking on the Win32 API.

Recent Photos: Fire Engine Red, Fenced, Chapel of Shadow and Snow

I haven't posted photo selections in a while, so here are a few. First is a set of classic Seagrave Fire Engine photos from Elk Creek.

Sharon and Danny Anderson

I first encountered Sharon and Danny Anderson on September 29th, 2007. They weren't in much of a mood to talk at the time though.

Two 285 @ Parmalee Gulch Crash Incidents in One Week

This past week has seen two very serious accidents on Highway 285 by the Parmalee Gulch exit.

Recent Photos

I've been working on improving my technique and form recently, shooting on the 20D.

Hawk Luncheon

When we went to get lunch today, this hawk was on the lawn of the house next door, having his own lunch.

Red Rocks Data Center (.com) Solar Powered Webcam

The day before Labor Day Weekend 2007 began, I was on top of a microwave communications tower at the Red Rocks Data Center ( facility here, mounting a solar panel and webcam on the tower.

Elk Creek Fire, Rainbow

Elk Creek Fire responders examine a just-extinguished Toyota SUV in the parking lot of Aspen Park King Soopers, Friday evening, under a spectacular rainbow. No one was injured in the incident.



I shot this on our Taylor Park camping trip using Bob's Digital Rebel.

Geospatial Wavelet Shootout in GeoConnexion International

Geo: International's June and July 2007 issues ran a two-part article I wrote about the feature, speed and quality assessments of several modern geospatial raster image formats including ECW, MrSID (SID) and JPEG2000 (JP2). The results were quite interesting, pitting the market leaders ER Mapper against LizardTech's GeoExpress. Charts, graphs and pictures!

Iron Workhorse

Bucyrus 50-B

Dan Martin demonstrates the Bucyrus 50-B steam shovel Sunday afternoon at Nederland’s Mining Museum.

Beach Wedding, Akumal Mexico


I came upon this wedding setup while walking on the beach in Akumal, Mexico. The composition, the blue sky and the sand and surf were just perfect.

Home Cookin 3 Potato Gun Fruitcake Teaser

Home Cookin 3 Potato Gun

On January 20th, 2007, Team Home Cookin' entered the Manitou Springs Fruitcake Toss.

Tree with Swing Quadtych

I've taken photos of a tree in a farmyard near my office several times, during different seasons.

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