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Home Cookin 3 Potato Gun
Home Cookin 3 Potato Gun

On January 20th, 2007, Team Home Cookin' entered the Manitou Springs Fruitcake Toss. We competed in the "HURL, LAUNCH & PNEUMATICS" class with our terrifying 125PSI pneumatic air cannon "Spuds in Space" from the eagerly anticipated third installment of Home Cookin: "Baked Potato Gun".

We ended up taking second place in the Pneumatic category in the Fruitcake launch. The local NBC station filmed and interviewed us, and I'm told that a brief shot of our gun did make it on the Denver Channel 9 (NBC affiliate) broadcast. I'm still hunting for a copy of the longer broadcast that aired in the Springs. We're all wearing white lab coats, and I'm the one with the yellow construction hard-hat.

This is what the gun looks like (at a previous event):

We had a spectacularly fun time. Due to our inexperience with the rules and techniques, we were unable to utilize the full power of our gun, only reaching 392 feet. We still cleared the goalposts and fence by a long shot, and were way beyond all competitors other than the reigning champion, Team Omega. Omega cleared over 1000 feet, due to their better knowledge of how to fire a fruitcake without it disintegrating as ours did.

After our measured competition shot, we decided to do a final demonstration shot at maximum power, purely for fun. With all meters at redline, we cut loose a half-pound chunk of fruity confection at astounding speed. We don't know how far it went because at that moment our gun spontaneously self-destructed, distracting everyone from tracking the cake. In any case, the fruitcake was already in several pieces as it left the barrel and probably was crumbs by the time it landed.

With our new knowledge, we will rebuild the gun -- improving several aspects we've been dissatisfied and return next year to joust for the title again. We have several ideas about how to make the fruitcake survive the enormous stresses of launch.

We ourselves filmed our escapades extensively and you can see a short clip of the catastrophic firing here:

You can see our previous short films at:

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