Hawk Luncheon

When we went to get lunch today, this hawk was on the lawn of the house next door, having his own lunch. By the look of it, he had mostly finished what appeared to be a smaller black-feathered bird. Possibly some sort of Grackle or other blackbird. Not enough white feathers to be a magpie, and the crows around here are big enough to beat the snot out of anything the size of this hawk. Taken on the 20D with the EF 28-135 lens basically on autopilot. Lens was at 135, which is effectively about 205mm. EXIF data says 1/400 at f10, ISO 1600 at .3 under exposed. I'd probably have adjusted the ISO down to 100 and the aperture out wider had I had the time, but I just wanted to get it before it flew away.

Not sure exactly what species of hawk it is, maybe somebody can tell me.

Update: Patty Jenkins identified this as a juvenile Swainson's Hawk while we were at Harv's 2007 Tree Climbing Rendezvous.

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