Geospatial Wavelet Shootout in GeoConnexion International

Geo: International's June and July 2007 issues ran a two-part article I wrote about the feature, speed and quality assessments of several modern geospatial raster image formats including ECW, MrSID (SID) and JPEG2000 (JP2). The results were quite interesting, pitting the market leaders ER Mapper against LizardTech's GeoExpress. Charts, graphs and pictures!

The articles are no longer hosted on G:I's web server, so here are PDF copies for your enjoyment. If for any reason you'd like access to the original data, numbers or comparison images, feel free to contact me.

GeospatialImageFormatsShootoutPart1.pdf296 KB
GeospatialImageFormatsShootoutPart2.pdf1021.26 KB