Chris, Dave and Bob's Home Cookin'

Motivated by the success of the Blair Witch Project, and by the attitude that anything Web is hip, we've decided to drag this one kicking and screaming from the archives and make it widely available once again.

In 1993, Chris (Hanson), Dave (Kessner), Bob (Maple), Eric Schultz, Chris Hurtt, Earl Miles, and a few other malcontents found themselves in the possession of a microwave oven, a video camera, some worthless CD-ROMs, and a (then state-of-the-art) Video Toaster editing system.

Here is the actual result.

The original server at David's was killed by the Slashdot effect. A number of people graciously mirrored and converted the video. Now, Home Cookin' has its own site, a second Episode, and the videos are available via Google Video and BitTorrent!

We're now working on Episode III, the Baked Potato gun, which is even cooler than the first two. It was filmed in summer of 2005, and we are currently editing.

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