285 Semi Accident at Parmalee Gulch


Just uphill from the Parmalee Gulch/Indian Hills exit on Highway 285 southwest of Denver is a steep hill, at the base of which is a sharp corner. It's the site of many accidents, including the ones I covered last fall. This one was a night incident (Aug 10th, 2008) that I arrived at after being at work late one night. A tractor-trailer, traveling northbound (downhill) went straight where the road curved to the right, and crossed the median. it struck a pickup truck (ironically, driven by a firefighter) and came to rest, inverted, in front of the very same cliff face as the truck last fall.

I arrived while the driver was being extracted and airlifted. I didn't get the exact details, but judging by the relative condition of the tractor and driver space, he probably didn't fare as well as the driver from last year. The truck was hauling lumber, and an improperly secured load may have contributed to the wreck because loose wood debris was strewn over the highway for over a mile prior to the accident. County crews used snowplows and front end loaders to clear the debris and reopen the highway.

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