Kinect Z Buffer Noise and Audio Beam Steering Precision


So, I've been working on hacking the Microsoft Kinect hardware with OSG recently and have come up with some novel information I'd like to share.

Eighteen Reasons Why You Should Not Follow Bill Sardi's Children Flu Season Vaccination Advice


Rebuttal of Bill Sardi's
"Eighteen Reasons Why You Should NOT Vaccinate Your Children Against The Flu This Season"

By David Kessner and Chris Hanson

Original article:

C++ Morsels: Why does C++ distinguish between member and pointer-to-member?

In the bad old days, C was barely more sophisticated than Assembly with fancy macros.

Some would say little has changed. An unattributed quote reminds us that "C combines all the power of assembly language with all the ease of use of assembly language".

Mammoth by John Varley


A solid sci-fi time-travel adventure with archeobiology and quantum physics. And an aluminum briefcase.

C++ Morsels: std::for_each functors member variables

So, picture the situation. You need to iterate the contents of an STL container, performing a given operation on each one.

C++ Morsels: Initializer List Execution Order

Here's a little morsel that might save someone a bit of trouble.

C++ objects can have sub-objects ("has-a") and parent classes ("is-a"). This morsel doesn't concern itself with the parent class's objects but rather the encapsulated sub-objects defined by our very class. These encapsulated sub-objects can be initialized at construction time by an initializer list. Any objects that aren't initialized there you should initialize in the constructor itself, but it's preferred to do them in the initializer list if possible (for a variety of reasons including performance and code cleanliness).

Junkyard Wars Snowplow

I was bored during the snowstorm and had too much time in the garage.

The Witling by Vernor Vinge

Classic early Vinge hard sci-fi, with some great technological twists.

285 Semi Accident at Parmalee Gulch


Just uphill from the Parmalee Gulch/Indian Hills exit on Highway 285 southwest of Denver is a steep hill, at the base of which is a sharp corner. It's the site of many accidents, including the ones I covered last fall. This one was a night incident (Aug 10th, 2008) that I arrived at after being at work late one night. A tractor-trailer, traveling northbound (downhill) went straight where the road curved to the right, and crossed the median.

Fevre Dream by George R. R. Martin

Deliciously tasty vampire novel on the Mississippi River.

Open a PDF to a Named Destination via DDE in C/C++

We switched to using PDF as the online help format for our new Visual Nature Studio 3 product, which is a switch I greatly welcome. Previously we used non-paginated basic HTML, broken up into over a hundred "chapters", one for each major topic or window in the program. When the user invoked the help menu or F1 key, the software would determine what window was active, and map that to an HTML filename. I would then use ShellExecute to launch the users preferred web browser to view the file in question.

Sarah Palin Image Tampering

The admittedly good-looking Sarah Palin has been featured in some interesting photos.

Elefun to Hella Fun -- Hacking your Elefun for (Ele) fun and profit!

My son got "Elefun" as a gift a while ago, and despite having promise, it underdelivered. Until now.

Beijing Olympic Footprint "Fakes"

The Intarwebz are abuzz with the shocking revelation that China "faked" the stunning "walking footprints" fireworks sequence of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Marooned in Realtime by Vernor Vinge

Vinge swings for the fences with this Singularity novel and scores a grand-slam.

Accelerando by Charles Stross

Charles Stross takes technological civilization off the deep end. Again.

Escape From Kathmandu by Kim Stanley Robinson

A fairly amusing collection featuring early works by a top-notch author.

Iran Missiles, Redux

From the "haven't we passed this intersection twice already" department, let's take another look at the chicanery involving the photos of Iran's missile launch. Is there more here than a bad Photoshop job?

Iran has Missile Envy

Iran must be jealous of Fox News' 733t Photoshop sk1llz because they've gotten into the game too.

When Fox Attacks: Steinberg and Reddicliffe

Silicon Alley Insider and MediaMatters report that Fox News is up to some pretty juvenile tricks, retouching photos of people it doesn't like. What was done to the photos, and was it an accident? The answer may disgust you.

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